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The Cultural and Architectural Organization more active and well-known in Latin America:


More than 17 social events and cultural activities carried out in relevant places in Buenos Aires, France, Brazil, and USA

More than 15 newspapers articles and supplements in the most important media

More than 25 Institutions supported in 2014 as: Government Departments,  Embassies, Chambers, Museums, Universities and NGOs

More than 2500 references on  web sites, blogs, social nets and others about AANBA, in Argentina, Latin America and Europa, with more than 348,000 clics in WillyPastrana youtube channel

Supported 2013/2014 by:

Les Arts Décoratifs
The Latin American guide of antiques, interior design and architectural

A big “sealed Folder” with dossiers; it includes  a DVD and a touristic-cultural map

Online guide and catalogue: web site, facebook, videos on youtube

2015  Special Edition:

Dossiers of the most well known  antique dealers, designers and architects

The Biennial 2014 of Paris: an invitation

Miami Beach Antique Show 2015: the exhibitors

Buenos Aires Decorative Show 2015: april

And much more!



2015 Activities



Tribute to:

MDPL Art Deco Weekend, Miami Beach and 
to Miami Beach Antique Show “The Original”

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show

Dear Sirs,

AANBA Asociacion Art Nouveau de Buenos Aires and its Art Nouveau Latin American Route, and the Asociacion de Anticuarios de San Telmo (Buenos Aires, Argentina), with a number of exhibitors participating in your annual show, would be glad to give a recognition to your record track and high importance in the international antique market as well as being a reference to Latin American collectors.

Such recognition will consist of a bronze plaque delivered on the premises on the day/hour of your choice, if possible on January 30, 2015.

AANBA will record a video under title “Les arts dècoratifs” including the participation of the Latin American exhibitors at the 2015 edition of your show, which will be released in DVD format as well as in our internet website. We kindly request to provide our Mr. Juan Carlos Pastrana with a badge to have access to record the show.

Looking forward to receiving your news, we remain sincerely yours.



Juan Carlos Willy Pastrana
Chairman of AANBA

Luis Guevara
Deputy Chairman of
Asociacion de Anticuarios

MDPL Art Deco Weekend Miami Beach


Dear Sirs,

On the occasion of our visit and participation at the Miami Beach Antique Show, AANBA (Asociacion Art Nouveau de Buenos Aires) and the Asociacion de Anticuarios de San Telmo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) would be glad to offer a recognition to the Miami Design Preservation League by means of a bronze plaque to be delivered at the premises of your museum on Ocean Drive on a date/time of your convenience between January 31 and February 3 (duration of our visit).

Such recognition is for the successful efforts done by your institution in the preservation of architecture heritage of the Art Deco district of Miami Beach.

AANBA has the same mission in Buenos Aires to preserve the Art Nouveau heritage and has recently created the Latin American Art Nouveau Route, which in the near future will be extended to include the United States and Canada.

Looking forward to receiving your acceptance to our proposal, we remain yours sincerely.

Juan Carlos Willy Pastrana
Chairman of AANBA

Luis GuevaraDeputy
Chairman of the Asociación
de Anticuarios de San Telmo




Les Arts Décoratifs

The AANBA Guide of Antiques, Interior Design and architecture

For the Latin America public who invests in  art and style

  •    2015 “Luxury Edition” lacred fowler: in English and Spanish, with:
  • .  Dossiers of the most well known antique shops, designers and architects
  •    Guide section  “ Sugestions by AANBA” including Art Nouveau, Déco and other styles
  •    It includes a DVD with “art and style”, Video-documentary about “the well known”
  •    and a  touristic-cultural-architectonic Map

   Is an AANBA’s edition

The most active and well-known Latin America NGO of art, culture and architecture.

 It is distributed to Embassies and  National  Tourism Office  in Argentina, Opera Theaters, 5* Hotels, and in the great events carried out by AANBA in Argentina,  North and South America  and Europe (more than 17 events 2015  in Embassies and  emblematic buildings in Buenos Aires, Río de Janeiro, Paris, Miami, New York…)

It is offered in North and South America by subscription, and by eBay in USA and Europe

Great online presence :  Artes decorativas / AANBA.com.ar, Facebook/arts decoratifs, many videos on AANBA DVD and YouTube/willypastrana channel

 Arts Décoratifs wil be presented in the French Embassy, Buenos Aires, in April, with an antiques photographs and posters exhibition, by Iván Malesani

Special Edition 2015 “Les Maîtres d’Art”


La Biennale  2014, Grand Palais, París : an AANBA invitation to antiques dealers and designers
Miami Beach Antique Show 2015: special production for AANBA DVD and youtube
Special  4- page Dossiers   about  antique dealers and designers,  with photos by Iván Malesani
2nd Arts Décoratifs AANBA Show 2015”  Buenos Aires, in the French Embassy, April 2015
Art Deco in Buenos Aires and New York” exhibition in September
Argentina Art Nouveau y Déco” the book from AANBA and Antique shops of Buenos Aires, 2015-2016
AANBA Video in the DVD: “Interior design with antiques and masterpieces”

 Facebook/guia les arts decoratifs latinoamericana

Adhérents 2013/2014:

More details in our  video “Guía de antigüedades y decoraciones” in youtube

 “Les  Arts Décoratifs” Productions include:
*   Special dossier with 3 color pages of  photos: antiques, decorations and  buildings (taken by Ivan Malesani)
*   1 extra page with a news article about the participant and their background
*   3 artistic posters
*   video-documentary about  the achievements of the participants (for DVD and youtube)
*   Internet: dossier in aanba.com.ar/artes decorativas with products, photos, etc.  facebook/arts decoratif
*   Participant`s presence in AANBA events

An essential document for you and your company :US$ 950 + IVA


One of our 2014 International activities: The Paris Biennal 














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